WILLIAM B. CALLENDER AND CHARLES SPRAGUE, Articles of Partnership, April 1, 1813

WILLIAM B. CALLENDER AND CHARLES SPRAGUE, Articles of Partnership, April 1, 1813

      The Articles of Copartnership between the Undersigned, having become null, the parties concerned, confiding, each in the good faith of the other, do hereby agree to renew their connexion in business for the space of three years from the First day of April, One thousand, eight hundred and thirteen, if they shall so long live.
          Now this Instrument witnesseth that the Undersigned will, during the time above specified conduct towards each other as good and faithful Copartners, acting under mutual advice, skill and service, each according to his talent and ability, for mutual and joint benefit, account and risque.
          And the Parties further agree as follows: - That the business shall be continued under the firm of Callender of Sprague: - that proper Books and Accounts shall be kept of all transactions relative to the business: - that each Partner shall bear his own private expenses and shall be charged in the Company’s books with all sums he may draw out therefor: - that all losses, costs and charges will be equally supported, and all gains, profits and advantages shall be equally divided, of which as well as of the Stock in trade, an account shall be stated, as often as once in every year: - that neither Party, either in his separate name, as in that of the Firm aforesaid, shall become surety, endorser, or in any wise responsible for debts or concerns out of the business, without the consent of his Copartner.
          And it is also agreed that at the termination of the Copartnership, the Capital employed, shall be equally divided, by a reference to the Company’s books, apportioning to each individual the balance that may there appear to his credit.
          To establish the above, the Parties hereunto interchangeably set their hands this twenty second day of the month and year before mentioned.

 Signed in presence of

C J Swan                                                         Wm B. Callender.

                                                                        Charles Sprague.